LifeART Dates & Venues

Our first 2 LifeART Workshops in 2017 took place at Elevation Floatation Yoga Studio in Hawthorn East on 10 Sept and Chunky Move in Southbank on 11 Nov.  

Our 2018 LifeART launch took place at the Serotonin Dealer's beautiful new event space, Utopia in Burnley,  Melbourne on 24 May.

LifeART featured in A Day for Women by Women & The Womens Health & Fitness Summit on Sunday 11 Nov 2018 at the stunning Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. A very special afternoon with education, entertainment, feeding the mind, body and soul. More Info here

After the joy-full LifeART experience held on Sat 30 March 2019 at Studio One in Richmond with lunch by Patch Cafe - we are excited to announce the second and final life-changing LifeART for 2019 will be on Sat 14 September at The Malthouse in Southbank. BOOK

We would love to bring LifeART to your venue/workplace in the future. Ideal for groups of 10 - 25 people.




What you will need

Wear comfortable exercise gear.

Bring your mat, water and a towel,

an open heart & mind  . . . 

Abandon expectation.


how to prepare

Please do not eat at least              

60 minutes prior to start.

Refreshments &/or meal can be

provided at event venues.  


Tap into the simple joys of mindful movement and song for the soul.

When did you last move and sing with no expectation other than, your own pure joy?



Breathe, mobilise, expand, circulate, relax

Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal & Water


Hum, speak, sing, smile  


surprise yourself!

We both felt really impressed by and grateful for LifeTEACHERS such as you both Kate and Andrea, as we felt enriched by your open sharing of your knowledge and experience; we felt cared for, which was lovely.
— LifeART'ist 30 March 2019

LifeART'ists will leave with a spring in their step, lighter & brighter of heart, replenished & refreshed to live life fully !

What an amazing day, filled with soulful movements, and angelic vocals, not to forget to mention the scrumptious food.
— LifeART'ist 30 March 2019


bodyART is designed to bring and learn positive mind-body awareness, strength, balance, breathe, flexibility and relaxation. 

bodyART in LifeART at Studio One, Richmond

bodyART in LifeART at Studio One, Richmond


VoiceArt will have you understanding how you can simply access and activate your voice into song.

VoiceArt in LifeART at Studio One, Richmond

VoiceArt in LifeART at Studio One, Richmond

lifeart_march2019_simon shiff_0 64.JPG


Nutritious food to nourish the body and feed the soul - chat to other LifeARTists while you enjoy some delicious healthy food.

If you have a body & a brain you can MOVE

If you have a body & a brain you can MOVE