Please join Andrea & Kate for the life affirming, lusciously liberating, LifeART experience.


Its time for you to nurture and challenge yourself using all your senses

with Mindful Movement & song for the soul




Andrea became a bodyART Instructor in 2015 & is now an Australian bodyART Master Trainer


A Special collaboration of Andrea and Kate's life experience, friendship and expertise



Kate created her VoiceArt consultancy in 2015 

What is LifeART?

Andrea and Kate have shared over 35 years of friendship and all the joy and sadness, love and loss that comes with lives spent in close association over so many years. 

Both have had significant careers - Andrea internationally in classical ballet, music theatre, stage & event management and for the past 10 years as a Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor. Kate has worked in the theatre and as a choral director and voice teacher for over 30 years.

Each runs their own business and for 20 years they ran the Brian Stacey Memorial Trust, drawing together large numbers of people and galvanising action for huge events, producing “Stace - The Brian Stacey Story” documentary and of course, the Stacey Award for emerging Australian conductors itself. 

Andrea Gaze was one of the first in Australia to qualify as a bodyART Instructor and is now an Australian bodyART Master Trainer . While bodyART was established in Europe in 1994, it was only introduced in Australia in 2015. It's focus on mindful movement connected deeply with Andrea and her experiences in the performing arts, health and fitness professions.

Kate Sadler is the creator of VoiceArt. The concept came to her in 2015 as a consequence of years of performing as a singer and vocal training after obtaining Certified Master status with Estill Voice International.

Together they formed LifeART - the perfect synchronicity of ideas and ideologies stumbled upon independently, but powerfully embodied in a dynamic duet that is LifeArt!


Andrea & Kate are excited to announce our all new

‘LifeART Experience’

90 Minute version

bodyART + VoiceArt

recently presented on 11 Nov 2018

The Womens’s Health & Fitness Summit at the Grand Hyatt, Melb.

The LifeART Experience



bodyART Session

 Refreshment break

VoiceArt Session

Nourishment & Networking


LifeART can be booked for wellness in the workplace, fundraising events and healthy, happy occasions & celebrations.

2019 LifeART events. Sat 30 March 2019 at Studio One in Richmond with nourishing delicious food by Patch Cafe Richmond was joy-full. Next LifeART experience is Sat 14 Sept in Southbank Info HERE

We thought it was just absolutely wonder-full, no changes necessary, amazing experience
through the intersection of your two practices.
— LifeART'ist couple - 30 March 2019
It was a wonderful experience with two inspiring souls empowering us to move sing and breathe!
— LifeART 3. 24.5.18

LifeART 1. Testimonies

10 September 2017

Well planned, beautifully delivered! Highly recommended - don't miss the next one!

I really enjoyed both Sessions. It was great to combine the body and voice. I came away feeling energised and motivated with some new skills under my belt to use in everyday life. Thank you!

Thank you Andrea and Kate, today was exactly what I needed. The bodyART helped me set aside the fear of feeling hot and uncomfortable and to embrace the wonderful feeling afterwards. The singing was the Yin to the exercise Yang. I love to sing and enjoyed the "freeform" singing.


LifeART 2. Testimonies

11 November 2017

Andrea & Kate "Inspirational" Thank you very very much for a funtastic time - thoroughly enjoyed it 1000%. Would love to do more of both aspects.


Thank you for an afternoon of reconnecting with myself on a balanced, physical, emotional level. I used to dance a lot and put it away to sing. It made me sad to realise how much I have ignored what my body needs. And to sing in a welcoming, open environment was heart warming. I felt clear and open in heart and mind and ready to do more for myself in a nurturing way. Thank you. Just what I needed. 

So needed this Andrea and Kate, thank you from all parts of me, body, mind and soul! Loved every moment of it, empowering but gentle, so much learning too.
— LifeART 3. 24.5.18

What is bodyART?

MINDful MOVEment on a Mat and so much more . . . a barefoot myofacial mat workout that creates a positive holistic synergy between mind, body and soul, as well as improving fitness, strength and mobility. Flowing functional movement with music that creates ambiance, based on the five elements of Chinese Medicine; Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water.  A Yin and Yang seamless fusion of body strength and awareness, therapy & yoga inspired exercises, cardio, dance, tai chi, pilates, corework, breathing, stretching and relaxation. Choose the right balance of challenge & nurturing to suit you. 

bodyART was created by Robert Steinbacher in 1994 - it grew firstly in Europe and then in the US and is now in 25 countries around the globe. Andrea did the first bodyART Instructor training in Australia in May 2015 and was the 2nd in Australia to launch her own bodyART Classes.She has done further bodyART training in both 2016 & 2017, working closely with Robert Steinbacher and Global Master Trainers and is now a bodyART Australia Ambassador. 

We were made to MOVE

We were made to move - we were also made to tune into all our senses as part of living. Modern life has removed or dulled our senses, Robert Steinbacher began his bodyART creation as a Therapist/dancer helping handicapped children tune into the senses they did have. He then discovered going into big modern gyms that everyday people with all their senses, were not really fully using them. He realised that bodyART would benefit everyone, to connect the mind, body and soul and tap deeply into our senses retuning intuition and positive energy. bodyART works via several philosophies and knowledge based prinicipals and requires a deep and passionate understanding to be instructed and taught well. Participants don't need to know all of these as the teacher will structure and build the sessions appropriately to benefit everyone. The art of movement, the elements of Chinese Medicine and Yin and Yang are just part of the bodyART workout magic.

People often find it hard to put into words the bodyART experience - however some of the comments I have heard are; I've re-found my essence, I feel amazing, I have this calm positive energy and confidence, it helped my back problems so much and I need it every week, my core feels like it really had a workout, I just feel wonderful, I love that it flows and I really sweat, I have become so much stronger,  I feel complete!

If you have a body and a brain, you CAN move!
— Andrea Gaze













What is VoiceArt?

VoiceArt has been devised by Kate to promote "Mindful Melody." - A process which starts with Voice Preparation. Strength & control are tapped into through simple exercises & melodies, so that even those who believe themselves unable to sing, quickly realise they actually can! Myth busting abounds! 

And for singers with a little more experience, the step by step attention enhances understanding & awareness at a deeper level. 

Singing lifts the spirit and engenders the well-being of the singer, no matter their skill level. 

Anyone CAN sing !

Kate has always been fascinated by the functional anatomy of the voice and its implication not only for sound, but also the artistry of self expression.

People bring truck loads of preconceived nonsense to the task of improving their voice, whether singing or speaking. 

For a start, most people don't believe anything can make a difference; that god in his/her/its infinite wisdom decided that some should have a good voice, but too bad, so sad for everyone else! And of course there are people who have been told they're ‘flat’ and to ‘shut up,’ sometimes since childhood,  from people who know nothing at all about the matter. 

Incidentally, ‘flat’ is more often a description of the tone which is matte, rather than high sheen. It's rare that a person cannot pitch correctly, but a dull, matte voice certainly sounds ‘flat’ and is often mistaken for poor pitch. And even when it is the case that a person cannot reproduce a given pitch, they can learn to do this when they learn to fix the tone. 

If you can speak, you CAN sing!
— Kate Sadler